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Transcript of Interview with Heinz Edelmann

HEINZ EDELMANN Interview TranscriptArt Director and Designer on „The Beatles Yellow Submarine“October 28, 1993 Heinz Edelmann was born in 1934 in Czechoslovakia. Since 1961 Heinz Edelmann has taught intermittently design, illustration and animation design at various art schools in Holland and Germany. At present he is teaching at the Stuttgart Academy of Fine Arts. His art work has deservedly won numerous medals and awards, but what is most important for us on this program is that from 1967 to 1968 he was the Art Director for the Beatles animation film „The Yellow Submarine“. He is also credited with the script. He currently resides both in Amsterdam and Germany. We are indeed honored to be spending some time with the man who brought into focus the movie writer’s vision, which was by no means an easy matter, if we are to believe the Film’s Animation Director Bob Balser who was on this program in 1991, and John Coates, the Film’s Producer, who joined us earlier this week. We will also hear about these details from Erich Segal, who finalized the Script.

Welcome to Baltimore’s Best 21st Century Radio, Mr. Edelmann . Thanks for joining us. I’ve looked forward to speaking with you for nearly 25 years, unbeknownst to you of course, about the Art Production of what is now a classic: The Yellow Submarine movie.

Heinz Edelmann: Well, good evening Dr. Bob. I’m honored to be on your program.

Bob Hieronimus: Thank you. Now, you were the Artistic Director of the Yellow Submarine production, correct?

HE: Yes, I was.

BH: What did that entail?

HE: Well, you know, at that time I was the graphic designer working in Germany, and known in professional service for my poster work. I also did contribute as a regular illustrator for a magazine that was at it’s time known for it’s avant garde designer illustration work. And this was looked at or read abroad. And somebody on the Submarine team happened to be familiar with my work and just called me up.

BH: Who was that?

HE: That was Charlie Jenkins. The art director in charge of the special effects who doesn’t get mentioned nowadays. He was responsible for the many of the more interesting parts like the Eleanor Rigby sequence, which we worked out together.

BH: Oh boy! What a beautiful sequence that was. You know maybe sometime in future programs, because we return to this subject periodically, we could have Charles come on. If he’s willing that is.

via Transcript of Interview with Heinz Edelmann .

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